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 Assam general knowledge multiple choice question

Q1. How many districts are there in Assam?

ANSWER= (D) 31

Q2. How many constituencies does Assam have in its Legislative Assembly?

ANSWER= (B) 126

Q3. Which is the Oldest Oil refinery in India?

ANSWER= (D)Digboi Refinery

Q4. Which city of Assam is called the Gateway to Northeast?

ANSWER= (B) Gauhati

Q5. The longest bridge in India?

ANSWER= (C) Dhola Sadiya bridge

Q6. Popular Classical Dances of Assam?

ANSWER= (C) Sattriya

Q7. Largest River Island in the world?

ANSWER= (B) Majuli Island

Q8. First female actress in Assamese Cinema?

ANSWER= (B) Aaideu Handique

Q9. The first female chief minister of Assam ?

ANSWER= (A) Syeda AnwaraTaimur

Q10. Assam has the largest population in the world of which Animal?

ANSWER= (D) Wild Buffalo

Q11. Which River is known as the Sorrow of Assam?

ANSWER= (B) Brahmaputra river

Q12. When was Assam Accord signed?

ANSWER= (C) 15 Aug 1985

Q13. In which Hilltop Kamakhya Temple is situated?

ANSWER= (C) Nilachal hills

Q14.The First President of Assam Sahitya Sabha?

ANSWER= (D) Padmanath Gohain Baruah

Q15. Dehing patkai wildlife sanctuary is declared as a national park ( 7th national park of Assam) on-

ANSWER= (C) 9th june,2021

Q16. The first Assamese who fought against British was ?

ANSWER= (C) Gomdhar Konwar

Q17. Kaziranga is declared as UNESCO World Heritage site in-

ANSWER= (A) 1985

Q18. Srimanta Sankardeva was born in the year ?

ANSWER= (D) 1449

Q19. Ahom entered the Brahmaputra valley in the year ?

ANSWER= (C) 1228 A.D

Q20. The first capital of the Ahom Kingdom was -

ANSWER= (B) Charaideo

Q21. The first battle fought by the Ahoms against the Mughal was-

ANSWER= (C) Battle of Bharali

Q22. The Tai Ahom name of Bamuni Konwar was ?

ANSWER= (A) Sudangpha

Q23. The smallest national park of Assam is -

ANSWER= (A) Orang national park

Q24. The name Gauhati has been derived from the fact that once the place was famous for ?

ANSWER= (D) Betel nut groves

Q25. The tallest existing temple in Assam is-

ANSWER= (A) Shiva temple at Sivasagar

Q26. Who built the Dhodar Ali ?

ANSWER= (A) Godadhar Singha

Q27. The first community radio station in Assam was started by -

ANSWER= (C) K.K.H state open university

Q28. Who among the following is the daughter of Bhagadatta ?

ANSWER= (A) Bhanumoti

Q29. Who was the first civil servant(ICS) from Assam?

ANSWER= (A) Anundoram Baruah

Q30. The first ever national award winning Assamese singer ?

ANSWER= (B) Tarali Sarma

Q31. Sahitya akademi award winning book 'Deo Langkhui' is written by-

ANSWER= (A) Rita Choudhuri

Q32. The Navagraha temple of Guwahati is situated on the crest of the hill-

ANSWER= (A) Chitrachal

Q33. The capital of Ahom Kingdom was shifted from Sivasagar (Rongpur) to Jorhat in -

ANSWER= (A) 1794

Q34.'Patharughator Ron' took place at?

ANSWER= (D) Darang

Q35. The smallest among all the books written by Sankardeva is ?

ANSWER= (C) Gunamala

Q36.The father of Assamesse prose is ?

ANSWER= (B) Bhattadev

Q37. The first Assamesse daily newspaper was ?

ANSWER= (C) Dainik Batori

Q38. 'Asamesse women weave fairy tales in their clothes'-the famous person who said this?

ANSWER= (C) Mahatma Gandhi

Q39. Sukladhawaj was popularly known as-

ANSWER= (A) Chilarai

Q40.Kirtan by Srimanta Sankardeva is adaptation from the?

ANSWER= (B) Bhagawat

Q41. Which one of the following is not a river of Manipur?

ANSWER= (A) Loktak

Q42. What is the total area of Assam as per 2011 census ?

ANSWER= (A) 74,438

Q43. First Assamesse colour film was ?

ANSWER= (D) Bhaiti

Q44. In which of the following year 'Saraighat Bridge' was constucted?

ANSWER= (C) 1962

Q45. Who is the first Assamese translator of Ramayana ?

ANSWER= (C) Madhav Kandali

Q46. Who was the writer of 'Banphool'(1953), the first poetry book to be awarded with Sahitya Akademi ?

ANSWER= (C)Jatindranath Duarah

Q47. What is the meaning of 'Hasao' in the word "Dima Hasao" ?

ANSWER= (B) Hills

Q48.In which of the following places of Assam the biggest oil refinery is situated ?

ANSWER= ( D) Numaligarh

Q49. In which of the following places Asia's first tea research centre is located ?

ANSWER= (D) Jorhat

Q50. In which district literacy rate is highest ?

ANSWER= (C) Kamrup Metro

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